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Windshields and Heavy Snow

March 26, 2022 | Culture | ,

Springtime in the Rockies means lots of things. Sunshine, warmer weather, longer days, and of course, snow. The wet, heavy kind that brings down tree branches and can break windshields, or further exacerbate a chip and turn it into a full-blown crack.

Boulder, CO is closer to the foothills, and therefore tends to get more snow than cities out east. Between 2010 and 2019, Boulder averaged 16.2 inches of snow in March and 10.2 inches of snow in April.* 2021 is already the 4th snowiest March on record in Denver, CO with just under 31 inches. Jiffy Auto Glass USA services Denver, Boulder and the Front Range. We have replaced hundreds of broken windshields attributed to heavy snow, snow storms and fluctuating spring temperatures.

A few things you can do to guard against a chip turning into a full blown crack because of snow include:

  • When possible, park your vehicle indoors before a snowstorm hits
  • Do NOT take your car to a carwash without making sure your vehicle is fully warmed up first; the sudden hot water on a frozen windshield can crack a weakened or chipped windshield in just seconds.
  • When defrosting your windshield, use low to medium heat instead of high. High heat – especially if the windshield is frozen, can turn chips into cracks.
  • Make sure all snow is removed from your windshield and back glass before using the auto-defroster.
  • In the event your windshield or back glass was damaged by one of our infamous spring snow storms and heavy snow, call the pros at Jiffy Auto Glass USA (303) 876-0999.

Whether you’re in Boulder, Denver, or any of the surrounding cities along our beautiful Front Range, our professionals will come to you, replace your damaged windshield with a new OEM quality one, and back up our work with a written lifetime warranty.

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