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Spring Has Sprung!

May 5, 2023 | Current Events | ,

Springtime is upon us, and in the Rockies, spring can be summed up in two words – weather changes (or temperature swings, if you’d prefer).

First We Have…SUNSHINE!

Everyone likes sunshine, but did you know that extreme heat, followed by extreme cold, can quickly turn those little rock chips in your windshield into a full-blown crack? To avoid this, try to keep you car garaged, and avoid washing it with warm / hot water when its below 32F outside.

Next Up…SNOW!

Yep. Just when you thought snow days were a thing of the past, we get hit with wet, heavy snow.  The heavy snow can exacerbate cracks on your windshield, so try to leave you car covered in the event of a spring snowstorm. Also, if possible, try to avoid roads where CDOT puts down gravel, as gravel is the number one cause of windshield damage in Colorado. If you find yourself on a road covered in gravel, make sure to give yourself two to three car lengths between you and the car ahead of you.

Coming in at third place on the Colorado weather spectrum….RAIN!

While we don’t get a ton of rain in Colorado, we do get most of it in the spring months. Rain will quickly expose leaks or seeping cracks you may have in your windshield, and if rain water gets inside your car, it can cause significant damage.

Rounding out the wild weather patterns we get here in the Rockies….WIND!

No one likes windstorms, but we get a significant amount of them during the spring, especially in northern cities like Ft. Collins, Greeley and Loveland, as well as in foothill cities like Boulder, Longmont, and Golden. Strong winds can knock down tree branches and other debris, which end up on the roads and can quickly become ammo for a broken windshield.  Occasionally, we get windstorms so severe that they blow small rocks, pebbles, and other debris across the interstate, which leads to all kinds of windshield damage.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any solutions to mitigate against wind, but as with any kind of extreme weather, make sure to proceed with caution. And if your windshield (or back glass, side glass, etc.) does break due to the elements, many times your insurance company will cover the repair!

Jiffy Auto Glass USA is a preferred in-network provide with major insurance companies like USAA, Progressive, State Farm, Farmers, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, Allstate, and more! When calling your insurance company, bear in mind that YOU have the right to choose which company will do your auto-glass repair / replacement.

We sincerely hope you keep Jiffy Auto Glass USA in mind for your auto-glass needs.  Whether you’re going through insurance or paying out-of-pocket, Jiffy Auto Glass USA has you covered and will get you back on the road in a Jiffy!

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