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Using Insurance for a Broken Windshield

May 20, 2022 | Culture | , ,

Fun fact – in Colorado (and many states) insurance claims made for a broken windshield DO NOT AFFECT YOUR RATES. Many people are hesitant to file an insurance claim for windshield replacement because they heard or thought – incorrectly – that it was cause their rates to go up.

Jiffy Auto Glass USA is a preferred partner with all major insurance companies.

If your deductible is less than the out of pocket cost, you’re better of going through insurance for your windshield replacement. For example, let’s say you have a $100 comprehensive deductible and the price you were quoted for a replacement was $300. If you go through insurance, you pay $100 for the windshield replacement, not $300!

Additionally, our customer service professionals will handle all of the paperwork. Filing an insurance claim for a windshield replacement in Colorado is much easier that many people realize. So the next time you have a broken windshield, contact the pros at Jiffy Auto Glass – we can let you know what the more cost effective option is, and will typically get you back on the road with a new OEM quality windshield the next day!

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