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September 18, 2020 | Services | ,

Rocks, road debris, and windshields. The three just don’t mix. If you live in Colorado, you’re all too familiar with that “tick” sound that happens when something kicks up from the road and hits your windshield.

Most people here know that Colorado uses sand to cover the roads when it snows, and that the little rocks mixed in with the sand often kick up and cause damage to one’s windshield.

But did you know that road debris from construction causes even more damage to windshields than the sand/rocks that CDOT puts down when it snows?

Over the past few years, cities like Denver, Aurora, Commerce City, Englewood, Ft. Collins, Castle Rock, Thornton and Westminster have been experiencing record amounts of new construction. With this construction comes big trucks, often hauling dirt, cement, gravel and other construction materials. Many times, these truck are hauling loads that aren’t properly secured, which results in construction debris ending up on the roads.

The debris gets kicked up by passing cars and trucks, and can easily damage your windshield. This often results in a rock chip to your windshield, which if not repaired in a timely manner, can spread to a full blown crack. Most rock chips smaller than a quarter can be repaired, and most rock chip repairs are covered for free by insurance, whereas a crack requires a windshield replacement.

Jiffy Auto Glass USA has been providing mobile rock chip repairs and windshield replacements in Colorado since 2010. We accept all insurance, and offer same or next day service. So the next time you get a chip or crack in your windshield, call Jiffy Auto Glass USA for local quality Colorado Windshield Repair.

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